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Introducing ‘Roosters Creations’ | Unique Metal Artist

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“Art is a journey. Through this journey the artist has the opportunity to learn about themselves and discover how they fit into this world. A great deal of thought and emotion go into every piece of artwork crafted by Rooster’s Creations. I Hope by passing on my own discoveries, my work will bring beauty to someone else’s ‘journey ” ~’Rooster

I have had the honor of meeting an amazing metal artist recently. After coming across his work online, I knew I just had to get to know him, see his work in person, and take the time to introduce him and his art to my readers as well.

Brandon Roost, known by most as ‘Rooster’ currently resides in Lake Mills, Wisconsin and has a passion for creating art out of pieces of metal.

Rooster’s Creations is a fresh, new & unique business that specializes in handmade scrap metal art, outdoor sculptures, Western Folk art, interior decor, garden art and custom metal art.


Metal Flowers; $50.00


Flower ; $45.oo


Business card holder; $20.00


Double hearts; 20.00 (includes 2 3.5″ horseshoe hearts looped together)


Hay-Rake wheel, 4′ diameter ; $100.00

Rooster himself is a motivated, adventurous, and free-spirited young man who has the talent and gift of seeing art in something most others would see as useless , or see only for one specific use.


He received his first welder at the age of 16 when his friends mother asked him and the friend to make her a metal rooster, and from there, the metal artist was born.

If you ever get the pleasure of meeting Rooster, you will see that he is truly passionate about his creations. His main motivation behind his projects and creations comes from his late Great Grandfather, who was a farmer, electrician,carpenter, small business owner, an overall great man and a strong Christian. “The fact that he did beautiful things with his hands, has always been amazing to me,” says Rooster, GEDC0132_zps7f709e52

“I enjoy how art causes a feeling inside people,” he says, ” that connection with my customers is the main reason why I enjoy what I do.”

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Contact Rooster with questions or custom orders; & make sure to follow Roosters Creations over on Facebook!


Rooster’s Creations ships world wide Via UPS. Shipping cost is based on weight of the item, Email or call for an instant shipping quote.

I hope you enjoyed hearing about this talented metal artist I have recently discovered! Keep an eye out on the blog for more unique creations from this awesome artist!


Thanks for reading,



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