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Before & after; Upcycled farmhouse window

“Use what talents you possess: the woods would be very silent if no birds sang there except those that sang best.” ~Henry Van Dyke
Spring is in the air- I can feel it!  Even though our green grass and our tulip bulbs are buried under the white snow, we all know- Spring will come, it always does.   Spring makes me think of  birds, and birds make me think of my Grandma Shirley, she loved birds, and that, makes me want to create something that says ‘Spring!’  Over the past few days I’ve been working on a project using an old window out of a 1924 farm house and I am finally done!  This window is now for sale & on display at The Living Room Coffee House in Eau Claire, WI .
www.thepinkhammerblog.comI started with a little old white window from a 1924 Farm house.  To some of you, this probably doesn’t  look like too much, but to me…when I came across this window, it gave me a feeling- I knew it needed a second chance at life-another opportunity to tell it’s story and fill someones home with a

I cleaned the window-glass & frame, front & back.  Then gave it a nice coat of yellow paint.   Allowed the paint to dry (completely), and brushed it with some Minwax Poly + Stain in the shade of ‘Espresso’ and wiped off a majority of the stain, leaving it darker only in places that had dents/dings, and around the edges to give it an aged look.

I once again washed the glass part of the window and applied a wall decal , then drilled holes and placed eye hooks & an old chain from a dairy farm on top of the window, and now it is ready to be hung in a new owners home!

This beautiful one of a kind upcycled window is for sale!  It can be viewed and purchased at The Living Room Coffee House on Cameron Street in Eau Claire, Wisconsin.

If you are interested in purchasing this window , please purchase at The Living Room, or contact Kelly at thepinkhammerblog @ .  I also take custom orders!

Thanks for reading, have a beautiful afternoon,




Old window = new picture frame. | Wall art DIY

I love bold colors, soft colors, simple colors, and dark colors.   I just love color.     We have recently moved into a new home, where 100% of the walls are white, and it is currently not in our budget to go out and buy gallons and gallons of paint for me to paint the entire interior walls & trim of our home.    Because of this, I have been trying to come up with creative (no cost) ways to bring some color to our house and our walls, using supplies that I already have from previous projects.
Today while digging through the attic for something, (it sure seems a lot of my projects start this way 😉 ) I came across an old window frame I had got off of FreeCycle two years ago for $0.00 from a 1926 home in Eau Claire, Wisconsin.   I gathered up some supplies and some B+W photographs I had in a bin, and got to work on creating a cool picture frame to hang along the stairway in our house!

Wall Art DIY | How to turn an old window into a new picture frame.

Project Time: 30 minutes

Project Level: Easy.

Project Supplies: Old window, photographs (print according to your window size), tape/photo corners, paint, paintbrush, drop cloth.

Project steps:

1.) Clean your window, frame + glass, front + back.

2.) ‘Dry’ brush paint color of your choice on to the wood portion of the frame.  To dry brush means to have very little paint on your brush, if needed you may dip the tip of your brush into the paint can and dab onto a paper plate and then brush quickly and softly onto your window.

I suggest not being a perfectionist for this, and just going full force and getting it done at a quick speed, this allows for imperfections which creates a better vintage & eclectic look and feel.  Mistakes are OK!

3.) Once the paint is 100% dry, flip the window over and place all of your photographs in each paneled section.   Use photo corners or simply attach photos to the back of the window with tape.

4.)  Find the perfect spot to hang your new window frame and enjoy your new wall art!

Adding some color and a new conversation piece to your home is as simple as that!

Happy painting & thanks for reading,



Supplies I love that made this project possible:

*Clark & Kensington flat enamel paint.  You can see another project I created with this same paint, here.

*Tomboy Tools pink paintbrush.  Available for purchase, here. Or you may email Tracey at , make sure to tell her Kelly from The Pink Hammer blog referred you!


Vintage map window-shelf | DIY upcycle project .

I have a major case of wanderlust.   [ Wanderlust = a strong desire for or impulse to wander or travel and explore the world] .

Except my desire to explore doesn’t pull me to explore the entire world, just the back roads of my favorite states like, Wyoming, Colorado & Montana.

Montana won my heart years ago when I was a little girl.  I remember traveling there numerous times, camping, exploring, and soaking in the beauty.  I specifically remember one time when I was about 16 when I re-fell in love with Montana again, and I told my dad , ” Dad, I want to go to college here & live here..” and he replied , “Oh Kelly, you could live anywhere..”     I’m a simple soul to please, and for as long as I can remember on all of our family road trips growing up, I said many times, in many places & in many states, ‘Dad I could live here.’      But -Montana stole my heart.   You know when you are in love & being with that person feels like a breath of fresh air to your soul?!  The mountains in Montana give me that feeling- it fills my heart up!   & just makes me breathe easy, think freely, & feel completely fulfilled.

This quote explains it all ;  “I’m in love with Montana. For other states I have admiration, respect, recognition, even some affection. But with Montana it is love. And it’s difficult to analyze love when you’re in it.”~ John Steinbeck.

Last year I picked up several Montana maps, knowing how much I admire the state, I figured I would do something with them someday.     Now that I have my own home office , I want to fill it with things that inspire me and items that I love.

Today I woke up with no plans to create a project, when I was looking for something else in our attic and I came across a Montana map.    Then my little project creating wheels started turning.  I went out to the barn, grabbed an old window, and started creating my own vintage window map.   Read below to see how I created it & how you can too!

Project Supplies:

*Old Window (or picture frame) *Map  *Coffee (if you desire to age your map)* Paint  *Screws *Drill *Old board *Screwdriver *Wood glue

Project Time: Several hours (including time for paint & map to dry).

Project Level: Easy!

Project directions:
1.)  Gather your supplies, find an old window (or a picture frame will do, if using a picture frame you can skip to painting step).
You can get maps at travel centers, or by requesting one from online visitor sites for different states.

2.) Clean your window! Wipe free from all dirt , debris and peeling paint.

3.) Paint window your desired color.   I painted the first coat in a soft blue and topped it with a bright yellow.

A behind the scenes look at what happens when I start a painting project in my house 🙂

4.) Age your map. (If desired). Wrinkle it up, allow a few tears along the seams.   Make up a cup of instant coffee & brush it onto your map, do this several times until your map reaches the look you like.  You can also sprinkle some of the instant coffee grounds onto your map and brush with warm water.  It is okay to let it pool up in some areas , this will create darker spots in those areas.  There are several ways to age maps, this is just a way that I found worked good for me.

5.)  Wait  for your map and window to dry.

6.) Age your window (again, if you desire) I scuffed the window in a few places to reveal some of the underlying blue paint.

7.) Attach your map to your window.  There are several ways to do this -I used the easy way-  good ol’ tape.

The following steps apply if you’d like to add a little shelf onto your window map to place some of your treasures from your favorite state!

8.)  Purchase, find, or dig out of the hay pile in the barn (like I did) a board that will fit your window.  I didn’t measure, but found a board I liked, and brought it in and liked the way it looked hanging over the edge of the window-sometimes you just need to go with what you like and set the perfectionism aside & it all works out  ! 🙂

9.)   Drill 4-5 holes into the back of your window & shelf.  (In the exact same places on window/shelf) Next screw 4-5 screws into the back of your window & into your board in the holes your just drilled.  If it is a longer shelf, apply more screws.  You may also want to throw some wood glue between your board & window for extra hold.

10.)  Hang up your new window map shelf & enjoy!

You could even draw your favorite routes, circle your favorite towns, or plan out your next trip on your window with a dry erase marker…

…Have fun with it!  After all – the best creations are both beautiful and functional!
After all of this writing about wanderlust, maps and Montana.. I think it is time to plan my next big trip for 2013!

Thanks for reading & happy traveling!