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From Dresser to TV Stand in under 60 minutes

I have been slow on blog posts over the past few months due to a very busy Summer, along with moving into a new house.     Today as I was doing some more unpacking and organizing, I was putting away some DVD movies in the tv stand we have in our upstairs main living room, and I decided it was time to change up the tv stand.

I looked around the house for pieces that I could use as a TV Stand that would give me the storage I needed for DVD’s, playstation games, remotes, and even some board games, when I spotted this beautiful white dresser in our basement (where it still hadn’t found a specific place or use in our new home yet).

I then decided that since my walls in the living room were white, that I needed a touch of color, so I gave myself a timer- set it to 60 minutes, grabbed a random gallon of paint I had in my tool room, and got to painting.

Dresser Before; IMG_8609wm

Dresser after paint;       IMG_8615wm


I kept the original  drawer pulls so I was spending $0.00  today for this project;

The dresser is painted in a very soft green It is hard to tell in these photos the exact color, but I promise you it looks lovely in the corner of my living room, and the TV fits perfectly on top.



DVD’s fit perfectly inside of the dresser drawers.  The dresser helps keep things organized and messy dvd piles out of sight;

So there you have it,  I found myself yet again making a small project , like organizing movies, into a bigger project, like painting a dresser and turning it into the TV Stand,  but by giving myself a no money budget limit and a 60 minute time length, I was not slaving away to a lengthy or pricey project!

How will you re-use a dresser in your home!?  Share with me in the comments.
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From cheese grater to jewelry holder; D.I.Y. Trash to Treasure.

From cheese grater to jewelry holder; D.I.Y. Trash to Treasure.

One of the great things about being a free-spirited person, is that it also gives you the ability to see things.., as they are not, to see things with an open mind and to use that creativeness inside of you to visualize somethings ability to become something other than what it was originally intended for.

Over the past week as I have been packing for an upcoming move, I have realized how tangled my jewelry has become in my dresser drawer- a serious disaster!     I always loose my earrings, well I really usually loose 1 out of a set-and we all know I’d look plenty silly walking around with mismatched earrings, (or then again, maybe you wouldn’t even notice 😉  ), and those small studs -I loose at least one every couple of weeks, which then sends me back to the store to buy another pair, that I know I will loose again in no time.

Today I decided it was time for some organization!    I found an old cheese grater that was just going to be tossed away by someone else.    I paired it with a can of lime green spray paint, and just like that a new jewelry holder had been born.

Here are the supplies you will need to create your own upcycled cheese grater earring holder:


  • Cheese Grater (I bet you can find one for free, or under $5.00 at a thrift store)

  • Can of spray paint (be creative, pick a fun color!)
  • Earrings/Jewelry of course!


  • Wash your cheese grater with soap and water, rinse and let dry.
  • In a well ventilated place, preferably outside, place your grater on a piece of cardboard and spray nice, gentle and even strokes of spray paint , making sure you cover all sides, top handle and bottom lip.   Wait until completely dry, and repeat this step one more time for best coverage.   At this point you can spray as much of the inside of the grater that you can reach.
  • Let dry and fill your upcycled cheese grater with your favorite earrings and jewelry, using all sides to fit different sizes of jewelry.
  • The best step, sit back and look at a cool project that YOU just created!  Great job!

Don’t feel like making your own?   Great news- you can order a custom cheese grater earring holder, for just $25.00, just contact Kelly at thepinkhammerblog @ to order!

I hope you enjoyed this fun upcycle project!    Check back next week for some great snack ideas to take along on camping trips with kids!

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Entertaintment room dresser | Tip Tuesday

For todays Tip Tuesday, I have a smart and chic way for you to add some charm and organization into your entertainment/tv room.

Take that bedroom dresser out of the bedroom and re-purpose it for a new use!

Simply take an old dresser from another room, or pick one up at your local thrift store (the one pictured below I bought for $10) …


…Dress it up with some cute new knobs (usually around $3.oo/knob).

Fill the drawers with your movies in one drawer, and kids movies in another drawer.

Top the dresser with a few of your favorite things.



This keeps the clutter from spilling off open entertainment centers or shelves, and adds a beautiful look to your most used living space in your home.

Will you try this?!   Maybe you won’t use it for movies in the tv room, but you can find plenty of other uses, like in the porch for gloves and hats and misc gardening items.  However you re-purpose your dresser, have fun with it!

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{Photography displayed in the above photos by Endless Acres Photography }


Top 12 blog posts of 2012 | First 10 months in review

I can not believe I am sitting here almost exactly one year later from the time that I woke up in the middle of the night with the idea to start up my own diy blog and writing about the end of the year.

When I started this blog, I had not idea where I would be one year from the start, no clue what the result would be, and no real plans or goals in mind, except to share my love for all things vintage and DIY with family and friends.

Almost one year from the start of the blog, (Official start date was Feb of this year, so I am at 10 months of blogging!) and because of the blog,  I have made numerous friends with similar interests and  awesome connections that I am so thankful for.

Looking back at all of 2012, I have come up with a list based on the # of views, of my top 12 projects and blog posts!

Without making you wait any longer, here they are;

Top 12 blog posts by The Pink Hammer blog of 2012

(Please click on link or photo to be taken directly to the original project blog post)

1.) Primitive tipsy pot planter

This is one of my favorite projects to not only complete, but to take photos of.   Being a photographer, I have really enjoyed the photography portion of having a blog.  It has challenged me to step outside of my box of my usual photography subjects.
This project is one that I look forward to completing again in the Spring of 2013, and tweaking it as I re-create it, possibly making several different tipsy pots, using different kinds of pots-just to change things up a bit!
The primitive tipsy pot planter was a huge hit on Home Talk, made the front page of Pinterest a few times, and was shared on several other bloggers sites, bringing in thousands of visits to my website.  This project was also published in the Queen of the Castle Magazine.

Tipsy Pot planters by The Pink Hammer blog
2.) How to paint bathroom vanity

This project took place back in our old home.   We were on a budget, and buying a whole new bathroom vanity was way out of the question, but I knew I wanted a more serene look in my bathroom.  With just a few simple steps I transformed the look of the vanity cupboards and loved the result!   This was also my very first blog post here on The Pink Hammer, and my first project that was published in the Queen of the Castle magazine.

How to paint bathroom vanity by The Pink Hammer blog
3.) Old window to new wall art

This project holds a sweet spot in my heart.   While we were getting ready to move out of our old home, my daughter (3 at the time) started crying because she wanted to take her tree wall art with to our new house, but it was already placed on her wall.  In order to keep my sweet angel feeling connected to her old room, I thought and thought for a way I could bring the wall decal with, without ruining it, when my eyes came across an old window, and it was a perfect match!  I placed the decal on the window, and it came with us to the new house and it is now happily hanging above her bed.

Window wall art by The Pink Hammer blog
4.) Ladder book shelf

I just love ladders!  There are so many different ways one could repurpose a ladder and this is just one of the many ways I have used a ladder in my home.

Ladder bookshelf by The Pink Hammer blog
5.) Office dresser

This dresser was an amazing $10 find at a local thrift store.  I love the curves, the legs, & the old wheels, but felt it needed a more dramatic color.  I transformed it with a darker paint color, adding new hardware and chalkboard paint on the sides and front door creating a home office friendly dresser.

Distressed office dresser redo by The Pink Hammer blog
6.) Rake wine glass holder

A rusty old rake I found laying around and turned into a simple, yet functional wine glass holder!

Rake wine glass holder by The Pink Hammer blog
7.) Bold chair makeover

Green is one of my favorite colors to use in home design.   Even when in a bold color like this chair makeover, it is serene and peaceful for me.   I did a simple makeover, changing this chair from white to a bold tree frog green , which now makes a statement by my front entry door.

Bold chair makeover by The Pink Hammer blog
8.) Ladder plant stand

Home decor doesn’t have to end once you step outside.  I really enjoy decorating in my garden as well. Here is another great use for an old ladder.  I simply painted the ladder a soft blue and added a few potted plants in complimenting colors of the ladder and placed in the garden.

Ladder plant stand by The Pink Hammer blog
9.)Serene bathroom makeover

This project also took place in our first home.  I am in love with simple & serene colors and used the beach and Lake Superior as my inspiration when making over my bathroom.

Serene bathroom by The Pink Hammer blog
10.)Primitive planters DIY

For this project I was a guest blogger for Pretty Handy Girls talent parade.   Using old unwanted items I found or picked up for low costs at antique stores, I made simple yet beautiful primitive planters that were full of character and history.

Primitive planters by The Pink Hammer blog
11.) Door to desk

Working from home as a photographer , I needed a larger desk.  Half of my previous desk was always stacked with camera equipment and my project tools.   When I scored this awesome door (an original door of the exterior of our current home) I knew exactly what I was going to use it for.     With a few coats of Krylon spray paint, I had a brand new correctly sized desk for my home office !   This project was also published in Queen of The Castle Magazine.

Door desk by The Pink Hammer blog12.) Driftwood Christmas Tree

This is my most recent project.  Inspired by another bloggers idea of a driftwood Christmas tree, I took upon the task of creating my own , adding my own touches, like the blue back board and rope hanger.    This is another project that I really love, because it is a great way to bring nature indoors and bring in the serenity of the beach.

Driftwood Tree by The Pink Hammer blog

So there you have it!  The top 12 blog posts by The Pink Hammer blog since the start in February of 2012.
Thank you to everyone who has supported me, encouraged me, commented, left love, shared, liked, and taken time out of your life to read about what’s going on in mine.   You are truly the ones inspiring me to keep blogging.

I have many amazing new plans for the blog in 2013 and hope you will join me in a new year of projects and adventures.

I wish you all the best in 2013.

Thanks for reading!!!



Old window = new picture frame. | Wall art DIY

I love bold colors, soft colors, simple colors, and dark colors.   I just love color.     We have recently moved into a new home, where 100% of the walls are white, and it is currently not in our budget to go out and buy gallons and gallons of paint for me to paint the entire interior walls & trim of our home.    Because of this, I have been trying to come up with creative (no cost) ways to bring some color to our house and our walls, using supplies that I already have from previous projects.
Today while digging through the attic for something, (it sure seems a lot of my projects start this way 😉 ) I came across an old window frame I had got off of FreeCycle two years ago for $0.00 from a 1926 home in Eau Claire, Wisconsin.   I gathered up some supplies and some B+W photographs I had in a bin, and got to work on creating a cool picture frame to hang along the stairway in our house!

Wall Art DIY | How to turn an old window into a new picture frame.

Project Time: 30 minutes

Project Level: Easy.

Project Supplies: Old window, photographs (print according to your window size), tape/photo corners, paint, paintbrush, drop cloth.

Project steps:

1.) Clean your window, frame + glass, front + back.

2.) ‘Dry’ brush paint color of your choice on to the wood portion of the frame.  To dry brush means to have very little paint on your brush, if needed you may dip the tip of your brush into the paint can and dab onto a paper plate and then brush quickly and softly onto your window.

I suggest not being a perfectionist for this, and just going full force and getting it done at a quick speed, this allows for imperfections which creates a better vintage & eclectic look and feel.  Mistakes are OK!

3.) Once the paint is 100% dry, flip the window over and place all of your photographs in each paneled section.   Use photo corners or simply attach photos to the back of the window with tape.

4.)  Find the perfect spot to hang your new window frame and enjoy your new wall art!

Adding some color and a new conversation piece to your home is as simple as that!

Happy painting & thanks for reading,



Supplies I love that made this project possible:

*Clark & Kensington flat enamel paint.  You can see another project I created with this same paint, here.

*Tomboy Tools pink paintbrush.  Available for purchase, here. Or you may email Tracey at , make sure to tell her Kelly from The Pink Hammer blog referred you!


Chalkboard Window DIY | How to repurpose a closed off window.

Chalkboard Window DIY | How to repurpose a closed off window.

“The best kind of friend is the kind you can sit on a porch swing with, never say a word, then walk away feeling like it was the best conversation that you ever had.”

This Summer has been a complete whirlwind for me.  Have you noticed very few posts?  That is because I am (still) in the process of moving into a beautiful farm house that we started renting the end of July.   God has truly blessed me with this home, and I wake up every day so thankful to be here!     Not only is it beautiful, but I am able to do small projects around the house, with the A-ok from our landlord.

One of the projects I agreed upon was to paint the enclosed back porch, and figure out something to do with an old closed off window that no longer opened to anywhere (it now has insulation & a wall directly on the other side of it).  I came up with the idea of turning the window into a new chalkboard message center!    Not only does it cover up the insulation behind the window, but it is also 100% functional and will be used and loved by our family and friends.

With just a few simple steps, you too can create your own chalkboard message center, using any old window.

Chalkboard Message Center Tutorial:

1.) Clean off your window to rid it from any dust or dirt that may have built up over time.

2.) Grab your handy chalkboard paint and get painting.  There are two different kinds of ways to paint chalkboard paint (Spray & paint by hand) Use whichever works best for you!  You can find chalkboard paint at almost any store. I recommend doing at least 2-3 coats of paint on your window.

3.) Allow time for your window to dry.  This is a good time to grab a delicious snack!

4.)  If you will be painting the window frame, make sure to tape off around the chalkboard window to keep your frame paint from getting on the new chalkboard.

5.) Once everything is dry, remove the tape & ENJOY your new chalkboard message center!


Don’t forget to keep a bucket of chalk nearby !


I hope you enjoyed this fresh and fun idea to add unique and functional art & character into your home!

Thanks for reading,



From broken rake to rustic wine glass holder. | Simple DIY.

“I cook with wine, sometimes I even add it to the food!!” ~H.

Last Summer, my old trusty garden rake handle snapped in half on me. Maybe my muscles are just too big or something and the rake couldn’t handle the pressure I was applying to it or maybe, it was just old -we’ll leave the actual cause a mystery. 😉

Most people would throw away the metal part of the rake that was left, but not this girl. I knew I could find some use for it, so I tucked it away in my bin of project pieces and it’s new use would be discovered at another time.

1 year later while cleaning out my basement, I came across that rake again. I brought it upstairs, set it on the table and looked at it for a while- thinking about what I could do with it. I love the texture of it and the shape of it, so I thought it would look neat hanging on the wall.

There is sat, proudly hanging on the wall next to my hutch, full of my favorite glass pieces, and wine glasses.

Hmm….wine glasses.

Then, it hit me.

I could use the old rake as a vintage/rustic/country style wine glass holder.

With these simple steps below, you can do the same!

PROJECT: How to turn a rusty old rake into a rustic wine glass holder.
PROJECT COST: $5.00 (Or cost of rake. Check your local antique stores, flea markets & thrift stores, don’t forget Grandpa’s garage)
PROJECT SUPPLIES: Sad & broken old rake, wine glasses, & don’t forget the wine!

How to turn an old metal rake into a rustic wine glass holder:

1.) Find an old rake, I have seen hand fulls of these at most antique stores. [If you can’t find one, pick up a new metal hand rake from any store for under $5.00 snap or saw off the handle, and sand the metal down a bit to give it an aged look, or even spray paint a cool color.]

2.) If you want to add a little something extra to your rake, cut some twine or ribbon and simply wrap it around the top-where it will hang from the wall.

3.) Hang your rake on your wall, on the side of a cupboard, or wherever your heart desires & add wine glasses.

4.) Sit back, look at your new creation & of course-enjoy a nice glass of wine!

I hope you enjoyed reading this simple way to add rustic charm into your home!

Thanks for reading…

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