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Before & After; Purple nursery dresser makeover

Over the Summer I had a potential client come to me with a request to find and makeover a dresser for their (soon to be) bundle of joy that would be arriving sometime in September of this year.

We worked together searching online and in stores to find just the perfect dresser that would fit their needs and style.   She found a wonderful piece on Craigslist, dropped it off at my house- and I got to work! 

Here are the before and after photos from the makeover I did, enjoy!



Dresser Before;



Dresser After;



DSC_1248wm DSC_1234wm


PurpleNurseryDressermakeover The PInk Hammer blog

After priming, painting, drilling holes & adding new hardware, and lining the drawers- this dresser was all set for a sweet newborns’ nursery!

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Before & after; Desk transformation

“No great artist ever sees things as they really are. If he did, he would cease to be an artist.” ~ Oscar Wilde

My 9 year old son [R] has been asking me for a desk for his room for about a year now. I finally decided now was the perfect time to grant his request. Now, I could have went out and purchased a brand new desk for hundreds of dollars, but that would defeat the purpose of my budget friendly and original home design style.

I picked up a used, normal-looking desk from Hope Gospel Mission Bargain Center in Eau Claire, Wisconsin for about $25.00.

The desk has deep drawers and lots of space on top for him to work on-whatever it is 9 year old boys work on. (Think Legos, drawing, puzzles, games, etc)

Do you see any potential in this desk? I have been blessed with eyes that see beyond what an object is-and can see the shape and size of something and be able to picture the ways it could be upcycled , changed, and used in unique ways.

Here are the changes I made to the desk to make it original and unique for my sons bedroom.

First, I washed the entire desk down, inside and out to remove any dirt and dust, and removed all of the hardware (knobs + drawer pulls).

Next I primed the entire piece, front, back, inside, out, drawers and all with Zinsser primer.

After waiting [very impatiently] for the primer to dry, it was time for the first coat of color!

I let my son pick out the color at Menards, he chose the shade of ‘Crater Lake’ .

I’m such a messy painter- at least you can’t tell by looking at the finished piece, just by looking at me..when finished! (hah!)



Yep, sometimes..I paint barefoot.


After again, waiting very impatiently for the first coat of paint to dry, I repeated the process 2 more times to ensure I had the desk 100% covered nice and thick to stand up to my sons use. (and of course had to quickly test and see how the new hardware looked)

Next was a stage I wasn’t sure if I would do or not. Aging the piece. Because this piece is so straight-not too much detail and character, I felt aging the piece would give it a more ‘used’ look and character, instead of it looking like it was saying ‘Hey! I was just painted!’ Aging it would give it the character that made it feel like it was making the statement of a historical piece that had been through use, abuse and plenty of long hours of work.

With Minwax Polyshades Stain + Polyurithane in the color ‘Espresso’ Satin, I brushed on the stain, working in sections. Letting the stain + poly dry for just 2-3 minutes, I took a lint free rag, and wipe away the portion of the stain, leaving behind a small amount of stain, choosing to leave more around the edges where most likely the desk would have been touched by the previous owner,etc. I repeated this process 1 more time until it looked just right. IMG_4620wm

Once the desk was 100% dry (I let it dry overnight about 12 hours before touching) I added the new hardware (had to bust out the ol’ drill and make the holes a little bit larger to fit the new knobs) …


…and then added a long vintage license plate on the front drawer to cover the flowery design that my son didn’t like. The license plate was cut down to size with tin snips, and attached to the front drawer by drilling holes in the plate where the knobs were able to be placed through and attach the plate securely.

I thought at this point I was done. But as I opened the drawers to look back at my work, I felt something was missing. It needed a bit more character. I searched high and low online and in stores for a drawer liner that would compliment this piece, and also make my son happy. I had found…nothing. I ended buying just plain black contact paper, set it in the drawer to see how it would look- and just wasn’t feeling it. It still, needed something more. I let the entire desk project sit for a few days and was hoping something would come to me if I walked away from the project for some time.

Then I was in my home office, and was looking at a map I framed of Montana, when it hit me, like a bolt of lightning. I would line his drawers with maps!!! Y E S! He was so very excited when I told him my idea.

After measuring, and cutting the Montana & Minnesota maps to size, I sprayed on spray-on adhesive, and place the maps inside each of the drawers. I finished by spraying Krylon Acrylic coating in clear matte finish on top of each map inside the drawer which will then make the maps water-resistant.




My kids and I went and shopped some antique stores, TJ Maxx, and Ashley Furniture Home Store to get some complimentary items for the top of his desk;


Below is the inside cover of the book ‘Cash boy’ that my son picked out at an antique store-;

IMG_4718wm DSC_5823wm DSC_5850

Lamp purchased at Ashley Furniture on clearance for $18.00 ($40.00 off!) + added a quick coat of brown Rust-Oleum Metallic Accents paint;


…and now my friends, his desk is complete!!!


(Large map window will be featured on a new blog post later in the week)

So, there you have it. Open your eyes to see beyond what an item is, to see how you can change it and make it unique-and completely YOU!

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Tomboy Tools July Special |Looper set


If you haven’t yet purchased something from Tomboy Tools Inc I highly suggest that you do so.  They offer a large variety of products, from pink hammers to pink jumper cables.

This month Tomboy Tools Inc has a great special: The all new Looper Multi-Purpose tool.  They are available in pink and purple.


“Tomboy Tools EXCLUSIVE and it’s our July Customer Special!  Our multi-functional Looper is made of a rugged ergonomically designed grip and a durable elastic cord to easily tie up, carry or hang hoses, cords, ropes, water bottles and so much more!  It can act as a very convenient assistant during any activity or project and can hold up to 110 lbs.  Comes with an instructional card.

Set of 3 available in Pink or Purple (no mix-and-matching). ”

Each set of 3 is just $15.00

To purchase your own Looper’s please contact Tracey at and make sure to mention Kelly from The Pink Hammer blog sent you!!!

Happy Shopping!

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Distressed office dresser re-do | DIY by The Pink Hammer blog

“Successful people are always looking for opportunities to help others. Unsuccessful people are always asking, ‘What’s in it for me?’” -Brian Tracy

Working from home isn’t always glamorous, let me tell you- as I’m writing this I’m also making grilled cheese sandwiches for my kids,  (pretty sure I just burnt one while writing this 😉 ) doing laundry, unloading the dishwasher, processing photos from my latest wedding, packing for our move (I have 4 days left at this house!), packing for an upcoming road trip, and prepping the house for the new owners!    All on top of two wonderful, but very busy children running around me  like wild animals!  (Love them to pieces, wild animals or not!)

But…you know what, I wouldn’t change all of this for anything. It is who I was made to be, exactly where God wants me to be, and I embrace it every day.  Working on pieces like the one you will see below-is another way I find serenity in my life as well, and take a little time to refresh myself!  (I may sound a little crazy, but I’m sure some of you out there understand this craziness 😉 )

So, how do I bring a little bit of peace, calm, and cheer to my space?!  I customize pieces that will surround me, that I can look at and be reminded when and how I did the project, and I bring in pieces that don’t say ‘office’ or ‘work’ so I feel relaxed while I am working.

Today I decided was THE day to finally re-do an awesome dresser/cabinet that I picked up from a thrift store last year for just $10.00.   It is a beautiful piece that spoke to me and there was no way I was leaving the store without this in tow in the back of my Jeep.

I love white, I really do, but I have so much white in my space, that I decided it was time to add some darker colors in my work area, to add depth and character.    After a trip to the deep south-west of Texas in 2009, I fell in love with the rustic side of home decor, and you will see in a little while how I add some rustic into this re-do as well.

So grab an old dresser, some paint, your paintbrush and come along with me on this little re-do journey!

PROJECT: Office dresser re-do.

PROJECT COST: Under $30.00


PROJECT SUPPLIES: Dresser, paint, paintbrush, chalkboard paint.

PROJECT TOOLS: Palm Sander, sand paper.

Project Instructions:

1.) Grab an old dresser from your room, your basement or pick one up for a good deal at a local thrift store.

2.) Prep work.  Prepare your dresser for painting. Remove drawer pulls and knobs for easier painting & to replace if desired.  [I noticed that there was a beautiful turquoise paint showing through.  Turquoise is one of my favorite colors, so I thought it would be cool to let some of that show through on the completed project.   ]

Wash your dresser down top to bottom with warm soapy water, to rid it from any dirt or residue that has built up on it over the years.  Once completely dry, you can grab your awesome palm sander and get to work!  I sanded quickly over the top and a little on the sides.  [This will again be sanded after the final coat of paint, but will make the final steps of sanding/aging easier, with less paint to cut through]

3.) If you sanded your dresser as I did, you will need to wipe the entire piece down again with warm soapy water.

4.) Paint! This is the fun part.
Grab whatever color/kind of paint your prefer.  I had Rust-Oleum metallic accents paint laying around from a previous project, so I decided to use it again and save myself some $!  [LOVE this paint, it has such an awesome shimmer to it, and goes on very smooth]

5.) Customize.  Add some chalkboard paint in any areas that you can!  I chose to paint chalkboard paint on the front door and on both sides on a few of the panels.  This will be great for taking quick notes while I am working!

Scuff with sandpaper where desired, to give your piece an aged, vintage look and to add character.

6.) Add new hardware (if desired).  I picked up these awesome , rustic drawer pulls & knob all for under $17.00 at Menards in Eau Claire, Wisconsin.

7.) Enjoy!  The project is over, now it’s time to sit back and enjoy, draw some doodles and add your piece to your work space or location of your choice!

Bonus Tips:

*When sanding, make sure to sand in the direction of the grain on your piece, and keep in one constant direction, and always take care and caution when using any kind of power tool!  Don’t be afraid to ask for help if you’re afraid to try something on your own, or  have someone show you exactly how to use the tool you are using, if you are a bit unsure.

*While, sanding and painting, stop every now and then and take a walk around your entire project to check for places you may have missed, messed up, or have some dripping paint, so you can correct your error before it’s too late.

*If no other color under your current color, and you wish for the layered look, just swipe on a quick coat of color before your final coat-and sand/scuff in random areas!

*On warm days, always hydrate yourself and take breaks when needed.

* Do not toss or throw away your old hardware; knobs/drawer pulls.  Instead, donate them to a place like Building Hope in Eau Claire, Wisconsin, or even Habitat For Humanity where they can reused and re-purposed!

How fun was that?  Easy too wasn’t it?!   Remember, you don’t need to spend a ton of money or go over your budget to bring some cheer, fun, and character into your space!

Thanks for reading,


{To purchase your own Tomboy Tools Pink paintbrush, please email Tracey at , make sure to tell her Kelly from The Pink Hammer blog sent you!}

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100 fan Give-a-way winner annoucement! {Tomboy Tools pink hammer}

Well, you did it! With your help, The Pink Hammer gained 100+ fans over on Facebook in just a short period of time!

Thanks to everyone for your support, encouragement, sharing The Pink Hammer with your friends & following/subscribing to The Pink Hammer blog!

The beginning stages of any idea, any business are so important -and one can succeed greatly with the help of friends and family. I owe the amazing take-off of The Pink Hammer blog to ALL OF YOU!

Are you ready for me to stop rambling and get on with the WINNER of the Pink Hammer from Tomboy Tools Inc?!

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Thanks everyone!!!


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Tool Give-a-way! {Tomboy Tools Inc. Pink Hammer}

I love pink tools so much, that I am giving away ONE free Tomboy Tools Inc. Pink Hammer on my Facebook Fan page!!!

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Info on Tomboy Tools Pink Magnetic Head Hammer;
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Diy project ideas & inspiration ..coming soon!

The Pink Hammer blog will be your source of DIY project ideas, time & money saving tips/ideas and loads of inspiration. Here at The Pink Hammer I believe that YOU have the power to create, build, fix, and design with your own two hands ..and even have FUN while working on projects/home updates & repairs.

The Pink Hammer blog was created by Kelly Whitman in December of 2011, when she awoke at 2am with the idea for a DIY inspirational blog, primarily geared towards empowering women to get their hands dirty and take on projects around their homes..but of course both men & women are encouraged to read The Pink Hammer blog, and find DIY ideas & inspiration here.

The Pink Hammer blog will start running in full force on February 1st, 2012, upon Kelly’s first DIY article being published in a local Chippewa Valley (Wisconsin) magazine; Queen of the Castle Magazine. You will be able to find DIY articles from Kelly throughout the year in The Queen of The Castle Magazine, which you can read online at the link above, or pick up at local businesses around the Chippewa Valley.

This site will be in full swing starting in February 2012. So stay tuned …because AMAZING things are about to happen!