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Glass jar veggie storage | Tip Tuesday

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Ever since starting this blog almost 1 year ago, I have had a slight (okay okay, major) obsession with canning jars.  Their uses are seriously endless.

After moving into our new house, I somehow misplaced our plastic tupperware set and while digging around I saw my large supply of canning jars.  I placed them in the cupboard where I would normally store my plastic food storage containers- and I haven’t gone back to plastic containers since.

They have kept my vegetables like spinach and carrots stay fresh for a longer period of time vs them just staying in their pre-packaged bags or in tupperware.


I also love using them for onions, not only do they stay fresh longer, but it seals that strong onion smell inside of the jar and makes that smell of onion when you open your fridge a faded memory.


They are also not so bad to look at either when you open the fridge, so pleasing to the eye.

What do you like to store in glass containers?

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One thought on “Glass jar veggie storage | Tip Tuesday

  1. I did not know this or even thought about storing in glass jars. I’m excited to try this as my vegetables do not last very long no matter what I seem to do.

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