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Repurposed dresser drawer | Simple primitive decor


I purchased this cool vintage dresser drawer dressed with a cute green wooden knob,  earlier in the year not sure of my exact plans for it, but knowing I would repurpose it in some way, somehow.

I am happy to say, I finally found a (most likely temporary) new use for it.

I simply hung it up on the wall, tucked a sweet winter canvas wrap on it’s new shelf, and placed a small winter tree from a model train set in the corner of the shelf.

Sometimes simple things say the most.     Simplicity can speak volumes.

What ways will you use an old dresser drawer?

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3 thoughts on “Repurposed dresser drawer | Simple primitive decor

  1. Kelly, I upcycled an old ladder a few years ago. I have limited kitchen cabinets and a LOT of pots and cast iron skillets. I put large cup hooks on the rungs to hang up the overflow. Love your blog. Our houses must look a lot alike.

  2. very nice idea…and you are right, simple says a whole lot.

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