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First snowfall of the season | Wisconsin photo adventure


“A snowflake is one of God’s most fragile creations, but look what they can do when they stick together!”

( You can view and purchase photos from my winter adventures here.  )

Oh the weather outside is …. BEAUTIFUL.

Today I decided to bundle up to go hang some blue lights on the Christmas tree that sits in the back of our old Ford truck.

After hanging up the lights, I couldn’t help but take a little stroll around our yard in the snow..    So bundle up, throw on your snow boots and come along on a winter photo adventure with me!

There is something so amazing about the very first snowfall of the season…

…something that makes my heart get so excited, I just can not sit inside on the first snowfall… I have to get out and explore..

…and enjoy all of the beauty that surrounds me.   Snow adds a new element to everything, a new look, a new layer of beauty..

..and although I am looking at the same sights I see every day, I see them with a new set of eyes once again…

I hope you enjoyed this little photo adventure!  Now head out on your own adventure!   Leave a comment and let me know where you will be going to next!   See you next time!

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3 thoughts on “First snowfall of the season | Wisconsin photo adventure

  1. Thank-you for sharing those beautiful pictures!! Also, enjoyed reading what you wrote. After living in Northern Michigan all my life and now living in SW Florida for the last 6 years makes me miss those beautiful sights!

  2. love the photos! Did you take them? wow is there nothing you cant do? 🙂 you are lucky to live somewhere to be able to have such wonderful sights!

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