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I was very happy to receive an email a few days ago to notify me that I was  awarded the “Very Inspiring Blogger Award”   thanks to  Jessie Homemaker   for nominating The Pink Hammer blog for this award!


One requirement that comes along with this award is to list  7 things about me that are not listed on my About Me page, so here they are!  Enjoy!

  1. I was born in Iowa City, Iowa and grew up/lived in West Branch Iowa from 1983-1998.  In 1998 my family moved to Ashland, Wisconsin the Summer before my freshman year of high school.
  2. I love stormy, cloudy, foggy and snowy days.  Days where most people hide inside, I am usually out taking photos and on some sort of adventure- I believe all weather is beautiful and do my best to embrace all seasons!
  3. I have a child like heart and I love having silly fun…  maybe I’m a big dork, or maybe I am just fun.. I haven’t quite decided yet 😉  But when with my kids, I will run around  in circles in a park,  go down a slide, swing on the swings, jump off the curbs in parking lots with my kids and without a worry in the world who is watching or what they think of me.    But unless you really get to know me, you won’t see this silly side of me, and those who have seen it- thanks for still being my friend;)
  4. I love to laugh, like, seriously,  really , extremely LOVE it.  When I was little, I was always one of the ones at weddings who would make eye contact with my silly cousin across the church and giggle without being able to stop.     Laughter is one thing that fuels my soul.  Make me laugh and we’ll be great friends.
  5. Many people ask where my love for road trips and adventure comes from.   Growing up, we took many road trips, whether it was our family of five driving from Iowa to Disney World, or to the west coast in California, or my parents and I taking a 3 week road trip to Alaska.. we always drove on our adventures & never flew.   Some of my favorite memories are the journey to our vacation spots.   My dad even put a bed and a sink in the back of our van to make our trips easier for us.   I would make my stuffed animals dance (Tigger and Henry to be specific)  for the passing drivers and my siblings and I would write silly things on a piece of paper and show it to those who passed by us as well, the reactions were always so much fun.
  6. Although I have a ton of energy and am always working on something.  I Love relaxing in my pj’s and taking long lazy walks near creeks, lakes or rivers.  I could lay or sit by the waters edge for hours at a time.
  7. I love the West, especially Montana.  I am pretty sure it has owned a piece of my heart since I first traveled there when I was a little girl.    Someday I would love to have a little log cabin nestled in the woods , with a mountain view, a creek running through the backyard and the sounds of nature all around me.  Ahh yes, I can see it,.. Someday, … bonus fact:  I am also a dreamer, but ,…another bonus fact, I am a dreamer that DOES.  So sometime in the future , you can plan on seeing some DIY projects posted from that little cabin in the Montana mountains 😉 🙂

Another requirement of this award is to list 15 blogs that I can’t seem to keep my eyes off of throughout the week! If you haven’t already seen them you definitely should take a look, they are all loaded with awesome DIY inspiration and ideas!

Inspired by Charm

Pretty Handy Girl

Not JUST a Housewife

DIY Show Off

The Inspired Room

Tator Tots and Jello

Todays Homeowner with Danny Lipford

A Spoonful of Sugar

RoadKill Rescue

Funky Junk Interiors

DIY Diva

Young House Love

Man Made DIY

The DIY Village

How About Orange

If you have been nominated for this award by The Pink Hammer blog, here are the things come along with this lovely award:

  • Display the award logo on your blog
  • Link back to the person who nominated you
  • Post 7 things about yourself not listed on your About Me page.
  • Nominate 15 other bloggers for this award and link to them
  • Notify those bloggers of the nomination and the award’s requirements

Thanks so much for reading everyone,



One thought on “Very Inspiring Blogger Award | The Pink Hammer blog

  1. CONGRATS!!!!! I enjoy the ideas you share…

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