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Primitive Planters | DIY creative container gardens.


Today I have the honor of having my blog post featured over at Pretty Handy Girl’s talent parade!

If you head on over to her site, you will find my post all about how with a little bit of creativity and some dirt on your hands-you can take antique and primitive pieces like these….;

…and turn them into beautiful, unique & one of a kind planters that are rich with history, like this one…;

Read my full blog post about primitive planters, HERE , complete with step by step instructions and great photos!

Now get out there and play in the dirt!

Thanks for reading,

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5 thoughts on “Primitive Planters | DIY creative container gardens.

  1. I found my way here (and am glad I did) via Pretty Handy Girl, from whom I won a Tomboy hammer some time ago. I’ve just added you to my subscriptions to DIY blogs. I’m an “odd finds” lover and have used old watering cans, rusted gutters, etc. in my garden. Thanks for more ideas. Can’t wait to see what else is on your blog

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