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Upcycle Old Wood Ladder into bookshelf | DIY rustic home design


I absolutely love finding old, antique, primitive, rustic objects and using them in my home for a purpose they weren’t originally designed for (Upcyling). I love the idea of having something in my home that is so full of history-something that has survived years of use, abuse, and now shines in my home and only receives love and admiration by those who pass by. I feel this adds a lot of character to a space, and makes it unique.

I recently picked up an old wood ladder from Hope Gospel Mission Bargain Center in Eau Claire, Wi for around $8.00. Upon purchasing the ladder, I wasn’t sure exactly what I would be using for, but knew that it would serve me for different purposes, including home design. When purchasing home decor products for my home, I try to only buy things that can serve me in multiple ways, objects that I can use and also enjoy.

The first photo below is the ladder, a ladder.

The next photos are up close shots of how I decorated each step on the ladder. When deciding what to put on your ladder, be creative, be open, and fill it with things you love! I always love adding elements of nature to any design project in my own home. (Plant, Shell, and heart shaped rocks)

{Teal Ceramic planter from TJ Maxx for $5.99.}

I also love adding rustic texture (old green truck).

I used the back paint bucket shelf to place my very special items (that I want out of the kids reach)-my personal photography photo-books.

I often rearrange what items I display on my ladder shelf as well ~usually depending on the season/weather. This upcycled ladder bookshelf would look great any any corner office, den, or family room!

This ladder not only now serves as a neat bookshelf, but I can also use it as a ..ladder (who knew!), and I have taken it along on several photo shoots as well for a prop. I feel by doing this I am getting way more than my moneys worth in a product. This is just one of many many uses for an old wood ladder, think outside of the box when adding primitive/antique items to your home & open up your creative eye and your mind to envision how you can upcycle the item and showcase it in your own home.

Thanks so much for taking the time to read my wood ladder upcycle idea ~ now go out and look for creative ways you too can upcycle!!!

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