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Tools. {Through the lens.}


I love tools.

I love that tools of many kinds-even my camera, give me the ability to create something with my own two hands.

Today I took the time to capture images of some of my favorite tools, gadgets, and items that I use most often , with my Nikon Nikkor 50mm lens.

I must say-it was a lot of fun to take images of something different-I typically photograph people, nature, & rustic scenes, so this was a fun, new challenge -and I felt a new piece of my photographer-heart open up as I tried something different.

Someday I plan (ok..I dream) of designing my own workshop/garage -& in this new workshop, on my awesome new workbench, you would most likely see some of these items; (You can click on each image to see a larger view)

Photography by Endless Acres Photography.

A drill.. who doesn't love drills? I am in the market for my OWN drill-I don't share tools well.

Tuff Chix Ironclad work gloves-I LOVE these things.

Tuff Chix Ironclad thermal work gloves-love these even more-when not using on projects, they double as great driving gloves in the winter. Also love the Fat-Max hammer.

Paint & many paintbrushes. I can never have too many colors of paint & different paint brushes.

Viewtainer's ~ hold misc little things you don't want to lose, with an easy open top . They come in many different sizes/colors.

Painters Pal. Cut n' trim cup. Small, easy to hold size for smaller painting projects.

Tomboy Tools Hammer- every girl needs one of these.

Tomboy Tools toolblet .

Fat Max Handsaw

Palm sander - in 2008 I hand sanded my sons entire bedroom floor with this little thing-may be small, but it got the job done.

Hang with me here- almost done !
(I told you I had fun taking these photos… )

MagnoGrip wristband -awesome magnetic wristband, great for use during home & car repairs, so your other hand is free from holding small bolts/nuts/screws.

One Time lightweight spackling. For filling in holes, this stuff is amazing..and has a texture a lot like marshmallow creme filling-please don't try to see if it tastes the same-it doesn't ;)...

Black & Decker cordless screwdriver/drill.

Trim guard - great for those quick paint projects where you really don't feel like using painters tape!

There are many more tools I love to use ~ that is just a {small} sample, hope you enjoyed! What are your favorite, must-have tools?!

Thanks for reading,

Photography for this blog post by Endless Acres Photography.


2 thoughts on “Tools. {Through the lens.}

  1. very nice photos Kelly!

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